Ishiyaki Set (SS016C) – Save £100 – Buy 6 Sets, Gloves, Knives and Forks and get 15% off

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The Ishiyaki Set is designed to enjoy searing some thinly cut slices of meat, fish or vegetables on the stone, exactly as you would in an Ishiyaki Restaurant. It’s a perfect way to enjoy some delicious slices of prime Wagyu Steak, or perhaps some cubes of Salmon, Swordfish and Scallops. Think quality, rather than quantity. With the SteakStones Ishiyaki Set you can sear every slice of meat, fish or vegetables to perfection live at your dining table on our super-heated Lava Stones, just as a skilled Chef would on a teppanyaki table, but here, you are in control, and can cook your food exactly as you like.