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The culinary landscape thrives on innovation and tradition, where ancient methods find relevance in modern kitchens. Among these time-honored techniques is hot stone cooking, particularly evident in the preparation of a classic dish, known as Steak on the Stone. The principle is straightforward and entails cooking steak on a preheated slab of natural stone and […]

Steak & Co initially began using SteakStones Sizzling Set in 2010 after seeing the product demonstrated at the Restaurant Show in London. The meal quickly became one of the Restaurants best selling dishes and played its part in the company’s expansion to five central London locations over the next few years. An initial concern amongst […]

At SteakStones we use only the very best quality Lava for all our products and this allows you to heat directly on any heat source you choose for the easiest operation. There are other companies and products which use other materials such as granite and marble, but due to the way it is created (through […]

The hunt for something different for that perfect dinner party continues, with new generations of home cooks having discovered party grills, fondues, Raclettes, personal pizza ovens and many other options as ways to make cooking more social. However, when it comes to offering your friends a touch of elegant dining, a steak stone is a […]